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Why Should I Blog?

I have never been a prolific blogger and find it quite difficult to get a piece of writing to the standard where I am happy for the whole world to see – should they so desire.
Past blogs have been for the purpose of capturing the progress of a particular project and then have gone by the wayside when the project ends. But I remind myself that this is not a waste, these blogs are still useful artefacts to remind of achievements.
So why should I blog? I need a purpose to blog. My recent participation as a member of the design team but also a learner within the EpCop MOOC has given me a bit more of an idea of my purpose of blogging. Part of building an eportfolio is reflection. So this is what my blogging will be – a means of reflecting on my e-portfolio. So as I add artefacts to my eportfolio which is a googlio I will create a post to reflect on that artefact. As an example if I attend a conference or some Professional Development and receive a certificate I will display the certificate in my eportfolio and create a blog post to reflect on my experiences at that Conference or PD event.
Well that’s the plan – let’s see how it goes………


Eportfolio Planning

In creating my cloud eportfolio I need to decide on what the major headings on topics will be.  So I have created a Mindmap to try to make more sense of it and make sure I have everything covered.  I have included a personal category after much deliberation.  I think whilst most of my eportfolio is about my professional life there are some things in my personal life which make me who I am and contribute in some way or other to my professional life.

So now I have made my Googlio public, even though there is lots of work still to do.  Would be very happy to have feedback.

Parkinsons Unity walk

Eric, Amanda and I participated in the “walk in the park” on Sunday 29th August. In beautiful sunshine 2500 people joined in the 4 kilometre walk along the Yarra River.
80000 Australians are living with Parkinsons, 20000 of them are Victorians and one of them is my husband. The walk raises valuable funds but also awareness of this debilitating disease.



Eric and Amanda amongst a sea of yellow at Federation Square before the walk

This post was created on my iphone.  Photos were taken and uploaded to my WordPress App and then I saved the post as a draft and then updated and tidied it up when I got back to my computer prior to publishing.