Reflections of a Learning Journey and the Connections made along the way

I have never been a prolific blogger and find it quite difficult to get a piece of writing to the standard where I am happy for the whole world to see – should they so desire.
Past blogs have been for the purpose of capturing the progress of a particular project and then have gone by the wayside when the project ends. But I remind myself that this is not a waste, these blogs are still useful artefacts to remind of achievements.
So why should I blog? I need a purpose to blog. My recent participation as a member of the design team but also a learner within the EpCop MOOC has given me a bit more of an idea of my purpose of blogging. Part of building an eportfolio is reflection. So this is what my blogging will be – a means of reflecting on my e-portfolio. So as I add artefacts to my eportfolio which is a googlio I will create a post to reflect on that artefact. As an example if I attend a conference or some Professional Development and receive a certificate I will display the certificate in my eportfolio and create a blog post to reflect on my experiences at that Conference or PD event.
Well that’s the plan – let’s see how it goes………


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