Reflections of a Learning Journey and the Connections made along the way

Another busy year has come and gone. Just time to reflect on 2012 prior to the commencement of another equally as busy I am sure.

Late in 2011 I was fortunate to be granted a TAFE Development Centre fellowship which meant I would receive funding to undertake Diploma of Vocational Education and Training in 2012.  This also opened up the opportunity for quite a few professional development events including the 2 day TDC conference in Ballarat.  As the Diploma of VET was a new  qualification which had only recently been endorsed I wasn’t able to get underway with my studies until midway through 2012.  However I am now about half way through this course.

Other opportunities for Professional Development in 2012 were the Ace Vic Conference, an IBSA Training Packages Upgrade Workshop, ACFE Provider forums and Student Management System training.

January started with news that our Audit was due. So there was a flurry of activity to ensure that everything was up to standard. In particular a lot of work to ensure our online TAA course was all in place.

My daughter Amanda celebrated her 30th birthday with a party at Idavue. Son Matt travelled home from the Gold Coast for the party so was home for a couple of weeks too.

February Saw our Audit take place. A two day nightmare! Day one was totally demoralising with so much seeming to be insufficient. However Day two was much better as we moved on to the really important stuff – the Training and Assessment materials as opposed to policy issues. The auditor was actually quite complimentary about our training materials and we ended up only having a couple of things to tidy up prior to the final report. The result was a successful audit with no non compliances. New courses commenced and I also resumed my delivery of TAA.

We had some wonderful family times with Matt still home, a visit to the Werribee Zoo and my nieces hens party.

120 mm of rain in late February and heavy follow up rains led to major flooding in many areas including Moira Shire.

Some more wonderful family times. My nieces wedding was absolutely beautiful. Very old world and informal in her parents back yard. Also a trip to the Grace Kelly exhibition in Bendigo for my mums birthday. What a stylish women she was and many of the garments timeless.

March was a very productive time at work with quite a lot of catching up. Great to start feeling a bit more in control. Also new students in TAA course and preparing for delivery of our eskills mooc

Easter saw a visit from some family and my daughter was excited to get a new job.

I was very much enjoying my involvement in ACFE ementor program. This has meant a couple of trips to Melbourne and also visits to several Hume Learn Locals to provide support for their elearning projects. We also held our Elearning Inspirations professional development day for the region and attended the elearning showcase in Melbourne. Another task for Hume region was to provide a presence in the Learn Local elearning network for the month of August

Another huge project in 2012 was our Rural Blended Delivery of Aged Care.  This has proved a lot bigger project than we ever imagined. Still a huge amount of work to do at mid year but at this point I was feeling quite optimistic about progress.  However my optimism did not really proved realistic as the year ended with still a substantial amount of work to complete.

I also spent a lot of time refining Certificate IV in Training and Assessment as learners provide feedback on our blended delivery model.

All of this combined with new funding arrangements introduced in July led to that feeling of being out of control again!

Time for a holiday.  We started by spending 3 days in Myrtleford and then home to veg and rejuvenate. See my earlier post about this fabulous holiday.

Winter had really set in in June and July.  We commenced new courses in Aged Care and Information, Digital Media and Technology.

Some late nights and early mornings as the London Olympics get underway.

We had a couple of trips to Melbourne with medical appointments and Amanda’s performance in the Melbourne Millennium Chorus. Also attended my nieces performance as Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz and a Gold class cinema viewing of The Saphires.

September is YNH Services AGM month and I was asked to be the guest speaker. We tried a very innovative approach by having a digital drop in with external tutors and students joining us for the meeting via our virtual classroom. Rather than telling the meeting about the benefits of elearning I decided it would be more appropriate to show them.   Despite being quite risky it was a huge success and those in attendance at the meeting who were previously unaware of some of the new learning technologies that are available were most impressed.

The days were starting to get longer and morning runs were more enjoyable as the weather started to warm up.

October was another busy month with another couple of Professional Development sessions, another Aged Care course commencing and a new IPad course for seniors.

Much time was spent on TAA Assessments and student support as we came closer to the completion of the TAA course. Reflect and Connect was delivered as the last unit of this course and once again proved a very popular and relevant course. However quite a bit of refinement was required as this unit had not been delivered for over 12 month

In November still more visits to Melbourne for birthday celebrations and the annual ConVerge elearning conference.
The year finished of with end of year reporting, planning for 2013 and a couple of farewells to our Office Coordinator who moves to Wodonga in the new year and also the ACFE regional office staff as ACFE undergoes a major restructure.

Then two weeks of for Christmas and New Year celebrations with lots of time spent with family and friends.

As I come to the end of this wonderful break and start to gear up for 2013 it is great to reflect on the Achievements of 2012. Without this Reflection time we tend to overlook how much has been accomplished. I have achieved a lot professionally but also personally for example a long held weight loss goal has finally been reached.

But is is also good to focus on what could have been improved. Writing this reflection has reinforced how much time was spent away from work and although there were many great learning opportunities and the time away from the office assisted me to improve my skills at working remotely I would like to minimize time out of the office in 2013 and focus on completing some overdue projects.


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