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Researching in DeMOOC


Well I have now completed the Research component of the DeMOOC.  Most of my research has been around revisiting tools that I have heard of before but haven’t really used much.  I already have a, dropbox and google quite extensively.  But there are lots of other tools I wanted to try out.

One that I have started using again is Livebinder because I like the way I can organise everything into binders and when opened everything is tabbed for easy access.  I think it would be really useful to gather elearning resources to share with students.  I also use Mightybell for this purpose – it has a nice visual interface.

I wanted to revisit ARED but was unable to access through the link in the NVELS website.  But now I have found that there are other rapid elearning authoring tools that I could use thanks to an awesome virtual classroom session presented by Rory O’Brien

I alos attended a webinar presented by Stephan Schmidt about Web 2.0 tools and how they can be used for learning which was great.  Stephan presented several tools I have not seen before.

I spent a bit of time reading about what make a great elearning resource which was really useful as well.

So that’s my research for the moment!  Never ending though as there is always something new!


Participating in the DeMOOC

This week I commenced a new learning journey.  I decided to participate in the Designing Elearning MOOC.  The first week was all about familiarisation with the course and the tools and resources that are available – PREPARE.

I am prepared for the rest of the course

I am prepared for the rest of the course

I have been fortunate to have had a few days leave at this point so have had time to get through all the resources and activities and have unlocked my first badge.

The challenge now will be to prioritise my time.  I will need to find at least 5 hours per week to participate fully.

I am really looking forward to designing a new elearning artefact which is the end goal.  And I have some ideas about how I want to go about this.