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Designing in DeMOOC

Whilst I am a little behind with my participation in the DeMOOC I am really enjoying the challenge.  This week I was asked by one of the other participants to review her project design.  I found this rather daunting but I hope my comments were useful.  But having her ask me to due this review prompted me to get back on course which was great.

Design Project planned and commenced

Design Project planned and commenced

My Design project is now well underway.  Planning has been completed and the stakeholders have been consulted.  The Framework for the course is in place and the content for the Moodle course is starting to come together.

I am undertaking the design of this project on my own so working with a team has not been part of the process.  But working through the activities in the DeMOOC has helped me to think more formally about the planning and evaluation than I may have if I had not been doing the course.

Now I will ask for a return favor and get my design reviewed by a peer.