Reflections of a Learning Journey and the Connections made along the way

Starting out on Day 3

Starting out on Day 3

After a breakfast of eggs and bacon we headed to our starting point of Blanket Bay spotting a couple of wallabies on the way.
Another lovely day with the temperature at around 20 degrees again. We were a bit late getting started today but we were walking by 11:00. We had to clean our boots at the first of many boot cleaning stations. This is apparently to prevent the spread of Cinnamon fungus.

Totally different scenery to yesterday. We had to wade across at Parker’s Inlet. Then a pretty tough climb – seemed like the steps went on forever. Fern undergrowth and stunted trees then the foliage changed to grass trees. Past the wreck of Eric the Red but only a sign as evidence. Saw the first of the Banksia trees. Quite closed in track for a while which felt a bit like a hedge maze. Joined the vehicle track for the last part of the walk to the Cape OtwayLighthouse arriving at 1:50pm.


Drove back and went to Johanna Beach. There was a huge rip right in the middle with only 3 surfers out. But they were pretty good surfers.


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