Reflections of a Learning Journey and the Connections made along the way

Day Four

Day Four

Started out at 12:30 as there was quite a lot of beach that we hoped to walk and we needed to wait for low tide. Temperature by now was over 20 and forecast to get to nearly 30. We stopped at the Cape Otway Cemetary where there were graves of some of the lighthouse keepers children. And also graves of shipwrecked sailors from the Blanket Bay disaster on 21st March 1896.

Lots of walking in loose sand and no cover. When we got to the Beach section we decided to go down to see how the beach looked. It was more soft sand but we decided to go down to Rainbow Falls anyway.  Very hot and a long trek down.   Interesting rock formations where the water was falling.
We then had to trek back along the same beach.  We decided that it was too hard going so we climbed back up to the GOW. Still very hot with more loose sand and no cover.
There was one or two highlights right at the end with some great vine cover. Then we spotted the Aire River and were very pleased to know the end was in site. Then we saw Eric coming to meet us so we knew we were nearly there. Arrived Aire River Bridge at about 4:00. A very hard day and we were very glad to get our shoes off.
On the way back we stopped at Castle Cove lookout and realised that we would walk past there tomorrow.


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