Reflections of a Learning Journey and the Connections made along the way

IMG_0317We woke to grey drizzly day which was quite a bit cooler. We got going early again wearing our rain coats and left Johanna Beach at 9:10. The start of the day was quite easy going over paddocks and through several gates. It was quite a climb but steady with lots of views back over Johanna Beach and our cottages. Then it started to get much harder with lots of narrow tracks and very steep ups and downs. One small section was almost vertical.


There was a small beach section when we crossed Melanesia River and saw more interesting rock formations. We ate blackberries again. They have been prevalent on a lot of the tracks.

We had to walk out to the Great Ocean Road to meet Eric today so we had to find Ryan’s Den Track. Amanda noticed a sign saying Management vehicles so we thought that might be the one but it wasn’t signposted and looked quite overgrown. So we walked on a bit further. Then decided to check the map and noticed the coordinates were marked. So we used the compass on the iPhone. This proved to be totally accurate. The track out was rocky and fairly steep but we arrived at Top of Ryans Den at 1:50 to wait for Eric.


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