Reflections of a Learning Journey and the Connections made along the way

Day 7

Day 7

Left a bit later this morning at 10:15 as we thought we only had about 7 Kms to go. We started the day by retracing our steps on Ryan’s Den Track to rejoin the walk. We walked around over Ryan’s Den wondering what it actually is. Soon we we able to view it from the other side of the cliff. Two large caves in the sea wall. Very spectacular sight.

From there we continued on up a series of steps and mostly uphill. Then some quite comfortable walking through tall timber and tea tree dens. We saw our third snake. A tiger snake about 2 metres long. We had to wait quite a while for it to cross the track in front of us. We came out at a cow paddock and saw the sign that we still had 4.5 Kms to go! Very pleasant walking though so we made good time but still a lot later than we thought we would be at 2:10. Quite a miscalculation today as we probably ended up walking about 12kms.


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