Reflections of a Learning Journey and the Connections made along the way

IMG_0418A big final day ahead today. About 18 kms to walk which is our biggest day yet. We started off at 8:00 and came to the beach access for Wreck Beach. There were 366 steps down to the beach and not wanting to wade through more soft sand we decided to stick to the track. Sorry to miss Wreck Beach. Maybe another trip?? We soon came to the Devils Kitchen campsite.

Then we headed off though some tall timber and then through tea tree forests again. A couple of wallabys sat on the path and watched us. They showed no fear and we actually had to move forward to get them to move away. We are still seeing many different types of plants. Soon we were up high on the cliffs and walking though low scrub. Stopped at a seat and noticed a small snake on the track. Turned out to be a plastic one but we were so jumpy from other sightings that we were quite freaked out by it. Even when we sure that it was plastic I had to hold Robyn’s hand to walk past it. Not a very funny joke

Came over a rise and had our first sighting of the twelve apostles. As we walked along the cliff tops we saw several views of them which were probable the best to be seen apart from from a helicopter. Met Eric at Gibson steps and walked the final few hundred metres to the Twelve Apostles Visitor Centre. We finished at 1:30. A fantastic sense of achievement to be finished. Home to our spa and glass of champagne. Terry arrived at about 7:30


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