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I love where I live

Every morning I get to exercise on the banks of the beautiful Murray River and Lake Mulwala.  This morning was particularly beautiful.  I didn’t have my phone to take photos so I decided to paint a picture in words.


The sun was rising above a line of clouds and there was not a breath of wind so the lake was completely calm.  The sky was at its bluest and reflections showed clearly on the water.  The bridge between our two towns was shining in the sunlight.  The wattles glowed golden and there are glimpses of green as the willow trees come back to life.

Birds of all types were everywhere.  A pigeon with his tail fanned beautifully dancing around his mate.  A waterfowl soaking up the sunlight hanging its wings out to dry.  Tiny brightly coloured parrots barely noticed as I walked past within a metre.  And the sound of birds was everywhere.

Spring is coming and I feel grateful.