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My Workplace

It’s a funny thing, I decided not to start on my blog post for this week immediately I received the #Edublogsclub prompt email and that slight delay has given me an interesting perspective to start from.


Someone asked me yesterday, “Don’t you get lonely working in this building all by yourself?” I wish! Sometimes lonely or bored would be great! Yes, sometimes I am in the building completely on my own and with the door locked but they are certainly not “lonely” times.  They are fantastic productive times when there are no distractions and I can actually get some work done.  I absolutely love those precious solitary moments at work.

But mostly, my workplace is shared with my colleague and any number of students and their Tutors.  And then there is the other building where the rest of our wonderful staff carry out their duties so I spend time there as well.

I am the Executive Officer of a Neighbourhood House and a Registered Training Organisation. My day at the office is so diverse.  Every day is different.  But easily the best thing about my work is when I have a past student come up to me in the street and say “I got a job and I love it”.  Those are the rewarding moments.

But like every workplace, I suppose, there are times of barely organised chaos.  How do I stay organised through all the chaos and distractions?  I have a number of really useful digital tools to help keep me on track, including my journal, my google apps but the most important of all is my Toodledo task list.  This to-do list is synced to all my devices and works on the principles of “Getting Things Done” which I wrote about in a post here.  The work of David Allen has been inspirational to me and really helps me to stay organised.


I’ve Joined the #EdublogsClub

Wow, I just checked my first blog post and realised I started blogging in 2010 so I have been at it longer tthe-edubloggerhan I thought.  But I am not a frequent blogger, so that is the main reason why I took up the challenge to post a weekly blog as part of the #EdublogsClub with The Edublogger.

Why do I blog?  I wrote a post on that some time ago here.  I still struggle with that mentality that a post must be perfect before I release it to the world.  So if I could give blogging newcomers one piece of advice it would be to not expect to be perfect and write for yourself.  If someone else is in interested in reading then that is great but I don’t make that my priority.  For me, blogging is about having a place to reflect and store memories.

I also write a number of other blogs for particular projects that I work on from time to time.

I blog on a wide variety of topics including travel and holidays, lifelong learning, wellbeing and many others including whatever takes my fancy at the time.

Blogs I follow are also quite varied.  One of my colleagues writes Hospitalitytrainermum which is quite lighthearted.  And I also enjoy reading Rustic Learning Ramblings by Kate Pinner and Armbandits Weblog by Nerida Gill.

So let’s see how I go with my goal to post weekly!  A great challenge.