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Cloud Eportfolio Begins to Take Shape

Finally I have finished procrastinating about what template to use for my Google Site for my Cloud based eportfolio. After weeks of searching through templates and not finding anything I really liked I have settled for a blank template so that I can make it my own. And guess what – I actually like it so far.

Still such a lot of work to do. This will be a major work for me. I am not a good blogger and it takes me a lot of time and thought before I can actually publish something of this magnitude. So for the moment my site is private.
So how will my Cloud based e-portfolio work. I have studied quite a few examples and really like the models used by Coach Carole and Sarah Stewart. So I propose to have a main site which holds my biography and my artefacts and this blog where I will reflect and update on day to day activities. These will be closely linked. Then I will link these out to my Facebook, Twitter and Linked In Accounts
I am still deciding on what pages I will have on my Google site but have so far added a Biography and Academic page. But now I am wondering whether to actually have a Resume page with subpages for Academics, Employment etc.


Designing a MOOC

What an adventure it has been to be a member of the design team of the EpCop MOOC.

What is a MOOC you ask?  It stands for Massive Open Online Course.  To find out more visit the Learnspace here.

The focus of the course is Eportfolios. We started with a list of questions.  We wanted to address the What, Why, How, Where, So What, Now What and Then What of creating and reflecting in Eportfolios!

The structure of the Course is a game based. Participants will work their way through the Levels completing Missions and Quests and collecting Badges along the way.

We spent a lot of time gathering resources into a kit and creating a glossary.  Then with Coach Carole leading the way we put together the content for the course. Sandra was responsible for the creation of the MOOC Scoop, whilst I put together some podcasts.  Junita had the job of gathering a team of Challenge mentors together to help the participants master the technology
involved in creating an eportfolio.  Carole created a NING network where participants can form groups and discuss aspects of the
course.  Already there is a group for the design team and the Challenge Mentors.

There will also be live sessions weekly in a Virtual Classroom. The introductory session for the MOOC will be on 27th July 2011 at 8:00pm in the Virtual Classroom.  Click this link to join the session.

It is not too late to register online at