Reflections of a Learning Journey and the Connections made along the way

Reflect and Connect commenced last Monday for the YNH Services Certificate IV in Training and Assessment students.  They are joined by other YNH trainers who will be undertaking this unit as part of their upgrade to the TAE40110 Certificate.  

This unit which is mapped to Reflect on and improve own professional practice is seen as a great opportunity to round out the course by reflecting on the course and what we have learnt and also to develop a Personal Learning Network in order to continue the learning once the course is complete.

This week participants will be developing their learning goals for this unit and thinking about how they currently Reflect on their practice.  They will create a Blog and post their learning goals.

Hence my post here today.  It has once again been too long since I posted in my blog.  So one of my goals for the duration of this course will be to ensure that I practice what I preach and post weekly.

Another of my goals is to encourage participants to use the available tools to develop new ways to learn and network without overwhelming them with too much information.  The sheer number of tools, networks and resources available via Web 2.0 technology will daunt many.  So my aim is to simplify this process by pointing out useful tools for particular purposes.  Mahara e-portfolios can be confusing as well especially for some who will wonder what an e-portfolio even is.  So simplifying this process will also be key.

A challenging but exciting few weeks ahead!


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